FedBerry is a Fedora Remix specifically built for use with Raspberry PiĀ® 2/3 Model B computers.

As Fedora does not (yet) support the Raspberry Pi 2/3 Model B (RPi2/3), FedBerry was created so people could easily install and use Fedora on the RPi2.

FedBerry is still in its infancy with 3 active developers working on the project. If you wish to contribute, please feel free to join us.

The FedBerry team would like to say a big thank you to all the Fedora developers that make this remix possible. We appeciate your dedication and hard work and are grateful that you make it freely available to all.

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  • Minimal and XFCE releases

    Both these remixes are close to 'stock' arm releases from Fedora*. Where possible, they endeavor to stick to default Fedora release settings. Major differences are:

    • The use of swap files in lieu of swap partitions.

    • tmpfs is enabled but size limited to 100M.

    • The root partition is automatically expanded on first boot.

    • To facilitate optional headless booting, a default root password is set in the 'minimal' release.

    Please refer to the README for further information on these releases.

  • Barebone release

    This release is for ADVANCED users only, as it differs significantly from standard default Fedora releases. As the name suggests, it is a small stripped 'bare bones' remix with some optimizations specifically tailored towards RPi2/3 usage. Its main goals are to have:

    • A small footprint

    • Fast boot times

    • Reduced number of writes to the SD card

    So you are aware of its limitations, please ensure you read the RELEASE NOTES before using this release.

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  • Download Release Images

    FedBerry release images can be downloaded from:

    Github project page HERE

    FedBerry website HERE